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Voluntary Work

Voluntary work is a great way for people to increase their confidence, motivation, self esteem, develop new skills, refresh existing skills and contribute to their community.  People who are out of work can gain some great benefits from volunteering, one of which is getting some work experience that can plug a gap on their CV.

Work experience is often seen as "working in a charity shop", which may be fine if you want to get into retail but not if you're a painter and decorator, childcarer or sports enthusiast.  But volunteering isn't just about charity shops, there is a wide world of opportunities available.

Do-it.org.uk is a website providing a searchable database (based on postcode or county) of opportunities across the country.  Volunteers fill in an online application form and in many cases can apply for opportunities on line.  Visit the site today to be inspired.  And if there isn't anything in your area maybe you'll get some inspiration and set up your own project!


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