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WorkTrack is a new online tool to support jobseekers and advisers. W2W Solutions work in partnership with the software development company providing WorkTrack.  We strongly endorse the WorkTrack product as the most practical, user-friendly and reliable solution to promote successful jobsearch activity and an accessible management tool for advisers. 

CASCAiD have launched a new tool for jobseekers and their advisers, called WorkTrack.  WorkTrack combines a live vacancy portal with a client management tool to help jobseekers with a quick and smooth transition into sustainable employment.  WorkTrack's non-duplicate vacancies are pulled from over 100 job sites, employment recruitment sites, Clear Assured and Universal JobMatch.  Vacancies are refreshed every 24 hours to give jobseekers an accurate picture of the employment options available in their preferred location.  

WorkTrack for Advisers

With an increasing number of clients, many advisers face simultaneous time and financial pressures in trying to find sustainable employment for their jobseekers.

WorkTrack's built-in client management portal allows organisations of all sizes to organise, monitor and track jobseeker activity.  Each adviser has their own dashboard providing a complete picture of each jobseeker’s activity from last login to the number of jobs they have applied for or declined. This provides vital intelligence for advisers to see which clients are ‘self-serving’ and being proactive in their search for work, enabling them to prioritise their time to most benefit clients. 

For clients facing additional barriers to finding work, including disabled people and ex-offenders, WorkTrack provides advisers with an easy way of ‘vetting’ jobs before the jobseeker proceeds with the application, enabling them to provide the best possible service for clients needing more specialist or intensive advice and support. 

WorkTrack can link to a clients Universal Jobmatch account and autopopulate the activity history section of UJ – vital if your clients need to evidence the activity they have been undertaken for their JCP adviser.  

“The option of having the link to UJM means that with WorkTrack our clients get to use a tool which gives them a better chance of finding a job whilst ensuring that they aren’t penalised for not using the government’s resources.” Employment Adviser.

WorkTrack for Jobseekers

WorkTrack suits a whole range of jobseekers, including the long-term unemployed, those facing additional barriers to finding employment, school leavers, experienced professionals who have been made redundant, graduates, those looking for a career change and many more.

Jobseekers can search for vacancies that match their:

  1. Profile/CV
  2. Interests
  3. Individual search criteria 

These three options help jobseekers who lack experience and confidence in knowing where to start their job search, all the way through to those who have a very specific career goal.

“The biggest benefit to our jobseekers is the different ways that they can find jobs in WorkTrack – whether they’ve got previous experience or not they can always find something relevant to apply for.” Social Housing Provider.

WorkTrack will present live vacancies that match jobseekers’ experiences/interests and location preference. This ensures the job opportunities are more likely to be suitable and therefore can increase their chances of success.

is suitable for a variety of organisations, including social housing providers, universities, work programme providers, voluntary organisations and many more.

If you would like to find out more about WorkTrack, please visit www.worktrack.co.uk.  If you would like to speak to a member of CASCAiD's team about using WorkTrack with your organisation, please email worktrack@cascaid.co.uk.

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