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Self Assessment Package

Self assessment is an essential aspect of quality improvement.  Government funded training providers have to produce an annual self assessment report against the Ofsted Common Inspection Framework Standards. This is often a difficult task to manage effectively within existing resources, and getting all stakeholders involved in the process is also difficult.

W2W Solutions have extensive experience and a proven track record at undertaking and supporting effective self assessment. Our support package provides a full service from inception to completion and beyond allowing you to: 

  • consult with all staff easily and quickly
  • gain sub contractors, partners, learners and stakeholder feedback
  • test your judgements to make sure they are valid
  • produce a professional, detailed and accurate report
  • produce effective quality improvement plans to take forward improvement activity

Our package consists of: 

  • planning the structure for your self assessment process and report.
  • running interactive workshops to gather opinions and produce preliminary judgements
  • undertaking focus groups/surveys of learners, partners and stakeholders
  • auditing of delivery to validate judgements, and gather additional background information by visiting key delivery sites and evaluating delivery from the learner's perspective including IAG, initial assessment, planning and reviewing of learning
  • drafting a Self Assessment Report that meets current Ofsted standards and funding body requirements
  • providing recommendations for actions that support continuous improvement planning
  • supporting production of quality improvement plans based on self assessment findings

As part of our audit visits, our consultants will interview staff and clients, observe as wide a range of programme delivery as possible, audit client files and documents, and review management systems and data.  This will help to ensure that the final self assessment report provides a true and realistic representation of current delivery.  

While we can support you in any of the individual activities within this range, our experience shows that the full package offers the most effective result. 

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