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Post Inspection Support

Although there is a deep sigh of relief and a few days holiday following most inspections, we all know the work doesn't stop there.

In addition to our Self Assessment Package and Inspection Preparation & Support, we also offer a follow up service.

Improvement planning strategic to delivery levelWe can help with improvement planning and activities to ensure that you take forward the lessons from inspection to improve the rest of your business. 

Tailored to meet the requirements of our customers, this could include:

  • workshops to share ideas and get involvement from all staff
  • facilitating meetings to gather views and producing a draft development plan on your behalf
  • support with implementing specific aspects of improvement activity
This is part of our standard continuous improvement consultancy service and can take whatever form you require. 
So don't let inspection be the end game.  Make sure it is part of your journey towards excellence.

Your Critical Friend

Independent scrutiny of service delivery with realistic solutions to increase efficiency and performance!

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