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Inspection Preparation

The days of receiving notification of inspection and then putting a tumultuous effort into preparation are no more.  With the new inspection regime, providers will only receive two or three weeks notice of inspection, which means the time for preparation is NOW - it will be too late when you get the phone call to say they're on their way! But where do you start?

All of our services are focused on helping providers develop and embed effective systems to support the quality of management and delivery, so please explore the menu on the left to review our general services. 

The services listed below are directly focused on long term planning and preparation for inspection.  This is just a flavour of the support we can provide, and our services are not limited to these areas:

Common Inspection Framework - support to interpret the Ofsted CIF and what it means to your organisation. This could include familiarisation sessions to raise staff awareness of the changes, or working with select staff to review specific areas of concern and relate this directly to your existing systems and processes.

Inspection Health Check - a review of key policies, processes, tools and working practices to assess your current position and identify where improvements can be made to ensure you can address any shortfalls well in advance of inspection.

Systems & Procedures - support to develop existing systems, procedures and working practices to ensure they you meet the standards required. We can cover all aspects of management and delivery including customer feedback, learner involvement strategies, safeguarding, use of management information, sub contractor management etc.  

Inspection Plan - support to develop a standard plan that can be brought into play as soon as notification is received including assigning roles and responsibilities for key activities to ensure that the days before inspection do not descend into chaos.

Self Assessment & Development Plan Review - we can test your self assessment at any time to see if it still reflects your current delivery and also support you in updating this throughout the year. We can monitor progress against your Development Plan and ensure progress is at least satisfactory, providing support where actions are not being progressed effectively.

Learner & Employer Feedback - with this aspect of inspection having a much higher profile it is essential that providers know what their learners and employers think about their service. Using a range of options including written/online surveys, telephone surveys, focus groups and site visits, we can support you in gathering open and honest views from all of your stakeholders at any time.  The independent approach often gains a more accurate picture than in house surveys and  

Equality Data Analysis - this is an aspect of data analysis that many organisations struggle with, but if you’re capturing the information we can help you analyse it and action plan areas for improvement, whether as a one off activity or a longer term arrangement.

During your inspection we can provide:

Nominee Advice and Support - providing a helpdesk facility ensures that the nominee has priority access to the knowledge and expertise of all of our consultants. Onsite support and advice gives the nominee insight into the inspection process and helps prepare them for the experience. Get the thumbs up from Ofsted

Inspection - advice and guidance following daily feedback gives the nominee confidence and direction in challenging inspection findings appropriately to achieve the best outcome.

We can be as involved as you want us to be in your longer term and short term preparation, either for one off support, or to be with you every step of the way through the journey. 

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