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Self Assessment & Inspection

Self assessment and Ofsted inspection are key drivers for continuous improvement within government funded training.  It is vital that providers have in place effective systems to ensure they are ready for inspection at any time.

Our consultants have extensive experience and a proven track record at:

  • undertaking and supporting effective self assessment,
  • producing robust and accurate self assessment reports,
  • planning and managing inspections, both in the role of nominee, support, and consultants,
  • developing quality improvement plans.

Comments from Ofsted regarding self assessment reports we have produced include:

  • The report is .... full of insightful judgements.  It shows a good understanding of the issues.  
  • The report is detailed and accurate and contains evaluative judgements.  
  • The self assessment process is good.  It is thorough and inclusive .... The resulting report is good and inspectors agreed with the findings.  

All of the inspections that we have supported in recent years, have had overall grades of good or satisfactory.  So click on the menu to the left to find out more about how we can help you.


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