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Pellcomp Software Ltd, supply their PICS LMS (Learner Management System) to over 450 providers nationwide.   The learner progression and tracking software is used on DWP, SFA, ESF and a whole host of other provisions. Click here to find out more about the system.

Management Information Systems are vital to managing performance and achieving results.  But systems are only as good as the information you put in and your ability to pull relevant information out.  Many DWP providers under utilise the system, and would be surprised by how much more it can do for them. Our consultants have worked with PICS at practitioner and management level on DWP, SFA, ESF and private provisions, and have extensive knowledge of how the system can be set up and used to maximise the tools available to support programme delivery and management. 

We have helped many of our customers to:

  • set up bespoke fields and codes to meet their individual organisation's needs
  • produce ILPs and reviews from the system
  • use the system for effective caseload management
  • use the system to produce end of month claim (reducing time and paperwork)
  • develop ad hoc queries to report the information require
  • undertake validation checks
Our support service is usually delivered to existing customers where the system is part of a wider package of improvement activity. For standard enquiries about the system please contact Pellcomp Software Ltd regarding system implementation and development, training and support. Contact Pellcomp on 01603 492620, or via email at sales@pellcomp.co.uk.


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