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Quality Health Check

The quality function is often the responsibility of one individual or a small team who flies the flag for continuous improvement in what can be an insular role. Staff in this position often appreciate expert support from people who understand their role and the challenges they face. 

Are you ticking the right boxes?Our health check can be used to test key aspects of your quality system to ensure it covers all areas of continuous improvement, see how effective it is, and identify better ways of doing things. The benefits of our health check service are:

Knowledgeable and Experienced Consultants - who have successfully developed and managed their own continuous improvement systems. This ensures a realistic and practical approach, and results in ideas of how systems can be simplified and developed to ensure they are easy to implement as well as effective.

Independence - you will gain an honest and open report on your systems and processes which will provide a robust foundation for improvement.

Consistency - review and moderation of internal audits, observation and other audit reports by experienced consultants, ensures that judgements are fair and consistent. 

Advice and Guidance - consultants work closely with continuous improvement staff throughout the health check, enabling them to benefit from advice and guidance which helps to develop their knowledge.

Report and Recommendations -our detailed feedback allows customers to agree and implement improvement activities quickly.

Follow Up - optional follow up services enable customers to access support to implement improvements and development activities.

Your Critical Friend

Independent scrutiny of service delivery with realistic solutions to increase efficiency and performance!

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