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Health Check & Audit

If you wish to find out where your organisation or a sub contractor stands with regard to the quality of delivery, adherence to systems and processes, management systems, and other aspects of delivery, you could benefit from our Health Check & Independent Audit Service.  Also see Quality Health Check in the menu on the left

Using experienced external consultants gives you confidence that you are gaining a true and honest picture of your organisation or sub contractors.  You may want to seek confirmation of what you already know, or may need a snapshot on which to base business development, reorganisation or other decisions.  You may just need an extra pair of hands to maintain your own audit system while you recruit, restructure or train staff.

Our consultants are experienced in the delivery of government funded contracts and systems audits.  We use a variety of methods to assess the activities including document reviews, observation, staff and learner interviews. The features of our service are:

Flexibility - we can audit specific areas of delivery, whole contracts, or the whole organisation. Customers can define the purpose of the audit, and the outcomes they wish to achieve, and our service can be focused on achieving that result.  Resource is not wasted in auditing areas that are low risk or that are not relevant to the intended purpose.

High standards - knowledgeable and experienced consultants ensure that the standards that customers are measured against are rigorous, often exceeding those expected by funding organisations and Ofsted. This helps customers aim for the highest level of quality within their delivery.Detailed report of findings

Qualified Lead Auditor - the availability of an ISO9001 qualified Lead Auditor will help to ensure that the standards being achieved within the organisation reflect the ethos of ISO9001 and the priority of meeting customer requirements.

Detailed report and recommendations - we provide a detailed report of judgements made, evidence base, and recommendations, providing a solid foundation for improvement activity. Our suggestions for actions that can be taken forward, will allow customers to gain a head start on development planning.

An optional follow up services enables customers to access support to implement improvements as part of our standard consultancy service.



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