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Systems & Process Development

Whether you need support in devising systems and processes for new contracts or developing existing ones, our workshop service is ideal. Everyone knows of the case of the lone individual sat in an office devising a system and presenting it as a fait accompli, which ends up being incomplete and ineffective.  It's an all too familiar tale!


 Process Mapping
Examples of systems and processes we have supported other customers with include development of:
  • individual delivery process for a specific programme/contract
  • a full continuous improvement system covering the whole business
  • a sub contractor management system
  • management and communication frameworks
We recommend involving key staff from all areas of the business who will have some involvement in implementing the system. Staff who hold a support role within an organisation such as HR, Finance, IT etc are often left out of this activity, but can make a valuable contribution.  This will help to ensure that the systems and processes are designed to take into account funding body / contract requirements, quality standards (including ISO, Ofsted, Matrix, IiP), and other company standards, and are therefore likely to be more effective. 
Involving key staff in this type of workshop to develop the systems and processes saves time in the long run, as the need for implementation training is reduced. You also end up with something which staff have full ownership of, and which is likely to be successful.

Your Critical Friend

Independent scrutiny of service delivery with realistic solutions to increase efficiency and performance!

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