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Programme Development

Have you identified a particular programme or aspect of delivery that is having a negative impact on your performance, quality of delivery, or inspection outcomes, that you need to improve? 

Many programmes are delivered in the same way they always have been because “we’ve always done it like that”. Many people are fearful of change; but what if you could actively involve those people in the decision making process?

One of the benefits of using the Pinpoint™ system is that it helps to effectively gather ideas and information and organise this quickly to identify problems and develop solutions. We can help you explore the structure, content and delivery styles of individual programmes, to improve the quality of delivery and outcomes, while ensuring you continue to meet your contractual requirements. 

Your delivery staff are the people who make your programmes work effectively, so you need their involvement in the process if you are going to achieve success. The inclusive approach that we offer, ensures that all relevant staff actively contribute, share a common understanding of the issues, the goals, and how to achieve them.

Our consultants can also bring the wealth of experience they have in programme delivery and management, and the good practice that they identify in their day to day work, to offer added value to the workshop.


Your Critical Friend

Independent scrutiny of service delivery with realistic solutions to increase efficiency and performance!

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