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Business Development Workshops

Conferences and meetings require a major investment in both time and money, so are you achieving the results you expect for your investment?  Our flexible workshop service offers:
  • a focused approach to ensure you achieve the required outcome
  • an interactive style of facilitation that gains contribution from everyone present
  • a structure to help explore the problems AND develop the solutions
  • the ability to process a lot of information in a short time, making it a cost effective option
The use of Pinpoint™ facilitation equipment and techniques allows us to adapt our service to meet any business development need. 
We have worked with a number of small and large organisations to:
  • design systems, processes and products
  • explore and plan for performance improvement
  • develop programme content and structure
  • restructure their organisation or delivery
  • take forward strategic planning  
We will initially meet with you to establish the parameters of your event to ensure that we fully understand your objectives.  This will enable us to provide an individually tailored plan so that you gain the outcomes you require.   Our consultants will facilitate the event, which can be for as short or long duration as required.
Following the workshop you will receive a professionally produced photographic record of your event with additional notes of discussions and actions.  The majority of workshops result in an agreed plan of action, so we will produce the action plan as part of the workshop report.Group involvement is vital
Two heads are better than one, so how good could ten be? Arrange one of our workshops to find out! 
Use the menu to the left to explore the different types of workshops we offer, and how they can benefit your organisation. 
If you want a workshop for something that isn't listed, just contact us and tell us what you need and we'll do our best to oblige! 

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