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Youth Contract Extended

The Department for Education has extended eligibility criteria for the Youth Contract, enabling an extra 15,500 16- and 17-year-olds to receive support to move into work with training, school or college.

The Youth Contract initially targeted funding to young people with no GCSEs at A*-C but from February it is being extended to 16- and 17-year-olds who are or were in care, those with one GCSE at A*-C and young offenders released from custody.  This move comes after DfE allegedly saved £20 million during the competitive tender process for the Youth Contract.  

During the tendering process, serious questions were asked by potential providers about the "no GCSEs A-C" criteria, arguing that a young person with a grade C in Art was just as disadvantaged as those with all grade Ds.  There was much discussion about this cut off, and DfE have clearly taken note of the points raised.

The Youth Contract offers tailored programmes to meet the individual needs of participants, which may include:

  • Being assisted to apply for education and training courses and jobs, such as through practice interviews and application-writing.
  • Getting involved in projects focusing on a range of activities, such as skills training and improving literacy and numeracy.
  • Mentoring on issues such as personal finance, health and wellbeing.
Youth Contract providers will work with local authorities and other local agencies and organisations to identify all newly eligible young people over the coming weeks to ensure the support is appropriately targeted.
17 January 2013

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