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Work Programme Supply Chain Update

There has been a lot of interest in our recent news item regarding DWP's latest supply chain data release. Thanks to those organisations who highlighted their own issues and to DWP who have responded with a very helpful letter explaining some of the anomalies - utlimately the raw data is supplied by the primes and then reviewed by DWP so is unlikely to be error free, however hard DWP try to identify and remedy the errors.

As a result of DWP's letter, we've updated the original spreadsheet which now shows:

  • 299 private sector organisations
  • 136 public sector and
  • 413 voluntary sector

49% of subcontractors are voluntary sector organisations, with 35% private sector and 16% public sector.  Click here for a copy of the updated spreadsheet.;

Our data still doesn't quite match DWP's but still shows a fairly health position for voluntary sector organisations, and is in keeping with Chris Grayling's assertion at yesterday's Select Committee hearing that there is a high level of voluntary sector involvement.  It isn't all at Tier 2 level.  

DWP don't hold information about the number of referrals to each subcontractor, so we'll have to keep an eye out to see if primes will be able to offer this at a later date.


20 March 2012

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