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Work Programme Supply Chain Details

On the official launch day of the Work Programme, DWP have released details of the subcontractors working in each CPA.  They haven't been as helpful as to say which Prime the provider is subcontracting to, but this is an extremely open and transparent start to the Work Programme, and unprecedented in welfare to work.

You can download the DWP spreadsheet from their website.  But as usual, the IT gurus at W2W Solutions have tried to make the DWP spreadsheet slightly more useful and informative, to help our regular readers really interrogate the data.  We've amalgamated the Tier 1 and Tier 2+ subcontractors into one sheet and tried our best to de-duplicate providers.  This has resulted in a total of 851 providers, which comes with a health warning as we may have missed some duplicates. 

So now on a single spreadsheet (click here to download) you can filter to your hearts content to see how many areas providers are working in and how many subcontractors there really are!  Filter the organisation to find out what areas they are working in and at what tier.  Filter the CPA columns to find out which subcontractors are working in the CPA and at what tier.  We've frozen the window pane so scroll around to see all of the data.

The following organisations are the most active, working in 12 or more different CPAs.

  • Action for Blind People
  • Gingerbread
  • Groundwork
  • Princes Trust
  • Groundwork
  • CAB

556 of our de-duplicated 851 organisations are only working in one single CPA.  That's 65% of providers!  Only 4% of the supply chain network are working in 5 or more CPAs.

The de-duplication process has slightly amended the breakdown of organisation types issued by DWP.  Private sector has reduced from 38% of the share to 35% of the share.  Voluntary sector has increased from 46% to 48% and public sector increased from 16% to 17%.

So enjoy the transparency, and if you'd like the original DWP sheet click here to go to the Work Programme section of their website to download it.

Health warning: this is the information from the Prime Contractor bids against which they were awarded the contract.  Subcontractors may have pulled out since then or others added. 


10 June 2011

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