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Work Programme Results

The wait is over and the news has broken all over the world - Work Programme preferred bidders have been announced. 

You don't really want to hear our views on the results, but we've quickly pulled together a spreadsheet based on the CPAs for the ERSS framework.  One sheet allows you to filter by prime and the other by ERSS CPA.  You can click here to get the full results by Work Programme CPA from DWP.

Our spreadsheet shows which ERSS CPAs the primes were originally successful in and where they have been successful in the Work Programme.  This does NOT reflect the full breakdown of the Work Programme CPAs as no one has been awarded more than one contract in an ERSS framework area eg London (East and West), West Midlands (Birmingham and Coventry) etc which is interesting in itself.

Comisserations to the 18 bidders who were unsuccessful including our friends at Groundwork UK and Twin Training International. 

Many congratulations to the other 18 who were successful and best of luck for the months (and years) ahead.  Don't less the sector down!


1 April 2011

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