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Work Programme Pilots - Recovering Addicts

Iain Duncan Smith MP has announced two pilot programmes that will form part of the Work Programme targeted at helping people with drug and alcohol problems back into work.

The payment by results pilots are ‘Recovery Works’ which will test the impact of higher job outcome payments for individuals engaged in drugs treatment. The pilot will give providers a greater financial provision to support addicts into work rehabilitation and potentially also into work. The pilot will be launched in the East of England and West Yorkshire, the focus will be on helping those who are drug and alcohol dependant ‘to break free from their addiction, using work as a stepping stone to recovery.

The second pilot ‘Recovery and Employment’,  will look to combine the existing knowledge of treatment experts, with that of Work Programme providers. This pilot will focus on how to develop improved sharing of skills and resources to deliver better outcomes for addicts. The pilot will run for two sites within the West Midlands.

Will increasing the payments received from successfully placing these jobseekers into sustained employment result in more up front intensive support from Work Programme providers?  Without the up front investment do these programmes have any chance of real success?  Time will tell.

1 February 2013

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