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Work Programme Latest Data

Well, we say latest, but what we actually mean is the latest data released by DWP. The data released today only takes us up to the end of January, so is hardly current. Can it really take three months to verify and collate data on just the referrals and attachments? Can you imagine how long it's going to take to verify data on job outcomes and sustainability?!

But that aside, you can download the data using DWP's Tabulation Tool, enabling you to produce your own tables from basic criteria. These can be copied into Excel fairly easily from your browser without too much trouble so you can filter and analyse to your heart's content. We've done just that in our basic Excel sheet here which shows the attachments by contract for each payment group.

DWP's Statistical Release document that accompanies the release shows that 269,000 claimants were referred up to the end of January 2012, with around 90% of these being JSA 18-24, 25+ and early entrants.  ESA volunteers and new ESA claimants referrals have increased in the last quarter, reflecting changes introduced at the end of 2011 in the way ESA claimants are identified and receive information about the Work Programme.


9 May 2012

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