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Work Programme Contracts

DWP have kept their word and taken the most open and transparent approach to welfare to work contracts the industry has ever seen.

Anyone can now download a copy of the tender documents, and not a version where everything useful has been blanked out, but one which has the majority of content intact.

So what are the implications? Well we can only see the benefits really:

  • subcontractors can actually see the entirety of the bid which is usually kept from them even though they are an integral part of the prime winning the contract
  • other organisations mimic the structure and content of winning bids in future rounds - although unless you know the exact scoring awarded for each question this is possibly not to be recommended, although it's useful to see how other providers structure their bids
  • primes being more inclined to actually do what they promised in their bid - and in our view this isn't a moment too soon
  • clients downloading the tender, making a list of the service they should be receiving and hold the providers to account - so the minimum service requirements are really a PR exercise - the real deal is in the rest of the tender

It could make for an interesting time in the industry, and we're sure there are some worried primes out there.  What we would say is that if you're delivering what you said you would then you have nothing to fear.  But how many primes dropped key parts of their bid following contract award? 

W2W Solutions industry forum will be going live very shortly, so that could be just the discussion to start it off!

Visit Contract Finder to access the contracts.  If our link doesn't work then you need to search for Work Programme exact phrase, take off live opportunities from the filter and make sure you're searching for Award / Contract Notice.  Enjoy!


24 August 2011

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