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Work Choice PQQ Results

DWP have released the results of the PQQ for the Work Choice programme.  Download the list of organisations who have been invited to tender for the contract below.

Work Choice is the new name for the Specialist Disability Employment Programme which replaces the existing DWP Work Preparation and WORKSTEP programmes and the Job Introduction Scheme to mee the needs of disabled people and their employers and make better use of resources.

The main players are:

Shaw Trust
17 areas
Working Links Employment Ltd
16 areas
Pinnacle People Ltd
14 areas
Advance Housing & Support Ltd
11 areas
Work Directions UK Ltd
10 areas
9 areas
9 areas
The Pluss Organisation
9 areas
Sarina Russo Job Access UK Ltd
8 areas
In Training ESD Ltd
7 areas
Maximus Employment UK Ltd
6 areas

Maximus are focused on the southern part of the UK, with the majority of the other organisations listed above spread across the country. Wise Ability (part of Wise Employment) and Careers Development Group have formed a Special Purpose Vehicle (WISE-CDG) and have been invited to tender for 5 areas.

See our spreadsheet below for an easy to filter list by organisation or by area (two separate sheets) to see who is being invited to tender for which areas.  

A useful networking contacts list has been published by DWP which is available in the Notice to Providers section along with the full listing of successful PQQs.  Click here.


Work Choice

Click the logo to download our spreadsheet for easy identification of who is in which area.

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