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Work Capability Assessment Works!

Latest figures released by DWP are evidence that the government's policy is working for severely disabled people.  Or so Chris Grayling says!

7% of WCA cases are assigned to the Support Group which is evidence that there is an increase in the number of people being given long-term unconditional support.  In the October 2010 release this figure was 6%, hardly a substantial change.  It's worth pointing out that October 2010 figures showed 3% of claims yet to be assessed, while today's figures show 2%. 38% of people are winning appeals compared to 40% in October 2010. 

Is this all the evidence CG needs to say that the government reforms are starting to work?  We aren't too sure on what basis.  Is it working financially for the government or for people with health problems?

The WCA is still finding the majority of people (38%) fit for work and 17% able to do some work with support.  There are still 36% of people closing their claim before the assessment is complete, and it's still impossible to say why.  Until this figure is substantiated, can we really count anything as a success?


25 October 2011

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