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Work Alliance Mystery

There are currently lots of murmurings surrounding a mysterious collaboration being launched called The Work Alliance.  Following circulation of an email last week there still don’t appear to be many answers as to who is behind it or what it's really about.

The Work Alliance is heralding itself as a new membership organisation delivering tangible business benefits for the employment and skills sector.  There is mention of cooperation between providers and supply chain solutions to promote effective working between primes and subcontractors.  There is also mention of offering a technology platform to reduce costs for smaller organisations.  However, the blurb doesn’t REALLY say what this involves and we aren’t going to make any guesses.  The mystery will be slowly unravelled over the coming weeks.

Member applications were due to open today but the website still says launching soon.  So here’s the site for you to keep an eye on: www.theworkalliance.org

Has there been this much mystery and suspense since JR was shot?!!

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