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Wise Words

As our business is all about quality we were heartened to read an article by John Bromley (Director of National Social Marketing Centre) on Policy making and the art of listening.  

Having only just today been working with a team of Community Task Force subcontractors on developing their jobsearch delivery, this really struck a chord with regard to the development of a quality product and service.  

A generally accepted definition of quality is:

a service or product that is fit for purpose and which meets the requirements of users   

But in reality, how many people actually ask their key audience what they actually want.  Too often providers blindly do what they think is right for clients (with the best intentions) and then wonder why the results of the interventions aren't what they expect.  So if you are currently developing any products or services, have a look at John's article.  The theory doesn't just apply to policies, it can apply to everything we do regarding clients, including bid writing!

Wise words, worth noting!


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