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Welcome news on Apprenticeships

Coinciding with the announcement of a record high in youth unemployment, the Government has today announced that it will offer employers with up to 50 employees an incentive payment of up to £1,500 to take on an 16-24 year old.   To safeguard the apprentice and ensure commitment from the employer, an initial payment will be made two months after the start of the apprenticeship with the balance being paid after the apprenticeship has been completed and the trainee has progressed into sustainable employment.

At last this is real investment from the Government and is more likely to create new apprenticeships than just funding the qualification alone.  It isn't the Bentley Motors and Kesslers International that need this financial incentive, it is the thousands of micro employers who would like to take someone on but can't make the finances stack up.

For the cynics out there, there isn't actually any new money - the incentive payments will be funded by reprioritising funds from the existing apprenticeships budget.  What that means in practice is anyone's guess, but this is good news for young people and small employers.

There is also a reduction in red tape to accompany this announcement.  Click here to read the press release. 


16 November 2011

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