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Vetting & Barring Scheme

Roger  Singleton, chair of the Independent Safeguarding Authority reported yesterday on his review of the Vetting & Barring Scheme.

He has arrived at 10 key points which are a victory for common sense, including:

  • Private arrangements made between parents and friends will not be covered by the Vetting and BarringScheme (VBS).
  • Frequent and intensive contact will be the key factors in whether schools, clubs or groups need to register those working with children in their care.
  • Frequent = once a week or more. Intensive = 4 days in one month or more or overnight.
  • Individuals going into different schools or settings to work with different groups will not be required to register unless contact with the same children is frequent or intensive.
  • Minimum age of registration will be reviewed (improving situation for work experience or study related activity).
  • Overseas visitors bringing groups of children to the UK will have a three months exemption from the requirement to register.
  • Exchange visits of less than 28 days will be regarded as private arrangements and will not require registration.
  • Self-employed health care practitioners could be considered private arrangements and may not be covered.

While this doesn't particularly help welfare to work providers it is nonetheless useful to keep up to date with the requirements.

We are expecting an update on the definition of vulnerable adults at some point but it doesn't appear to have been released yet.  We'll keep you posted.


Drawing the Line

Please click the PDF logo to download the report by Roger Singleton into the Vetting & Barring Scheme.

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