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Updated FE & Skills Inspection Handbook

Ofsted have made some updates to the Handbook for the inspection of further education and skills.  This handbook covers work based learning, adult and community learning and nextstep provision.

The updates provide additional guidance on adult and community learning but (and more importantly) details of the arrangements for re-inspecting safeguarding.

In Part 2: Common Inspection Framework, ACL providers will find comments in the grey box giving additional information about how ACL will be inspected.  This isn't a lot of additional text but may be helpful to ACL providers.

The description of safeguarding judgements has been expanded to include the action that will be taken if safeguarding is judged inadequate:

  • Where safeguarding is judged inadequate, a partial reinspection of this aspect will take place at the earliest opportunity, normally within eight months of the most recent full inspection. This is because of the high importance Ofsted attaches to assuring the safeguarding of learners. The reinspection visit is likely to be unannounced.

Forgive us for thinking that 8 months is a jolly long time for something that is hailed as being THAT important ... but make of it what you will!

Download the updated handbook below.



Handbook for Inspecting FE & Skills (update)

 Please click the PDF logo to download the document.

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