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Universal Credit Extended

Universal Credit goes live in Oldham and Warrington as of 29 July 2013. The benefit has been live in Ashton-Under-Lyne for 3 month and Wigan for 10 weeks.  The roll out is slower than originally planned, with Lord Freud and Chris Grayling MP both insisting that this enables DWP to learn lessons and change the system before national roll out.

All 4 jobcentres are trialling the Universal Credit Claimant Commitment and signing people up to Universal Jobmatch.  

The first claimants to Universal Credit are single jobseekers. These Universal Credit claims will respond in real time to changes in people’s circumstances, including when people move back into work.  The majority of claims will be made on line and benefit will be paid monthly to reflect the way people are paid when in employment. 

People claiming Universal Credit will receive support from local authorities and other service providers to help them make their online claim, improve their digital skills and budgeting skills.  While many local authorities are already putting in place their support plans, they will no doubt learn from these early experiences about the level of support needed by claimants.

29 July 2013

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