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Unemployment still falling ... ish

Latest unemployment figures out today.

Remember the figures are over a quarter, this one ending December 2009 so the real picture of today's economy will only be known next month.  But headlines are:

  • Unemployment dropped by 3,000 (remains at 7.8%)
  • Long term unemployment is the highest it has been for 13 years.
  • Employment rates dropped by 12,000 (72.4%).
  • JSA claimant count increased by 23,5000 in the last month (highest level for 13 years).
  • Vacancies increased in the quarter to January 2010 by 49,000 to reach 479,000.

We love the way that ONS point out that although the JSA claimant count has risen, "This monthly increase in the claimant count was preceded by two consecutive monthly falls."  Doesn't make it any better if it's at the highest level for 13 years, but may as well be positive!

As usual, if you want your local breakdown visit the Regional Data section of the ONS website.



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