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Unemployment Falls

Good news (well better anyway) on the employment front.

The latest figures out yesterday showed a drop in unemployment, the claimant count and a rise in vacancies but the number of people in employment fell.  Don't ask us where they've gone as the figures don't really add up.  

Bear in mind the figures are for the quarter ending November so it isn't a real reflection of what is happening today, but none the less the news is generally positive.

Headline figures are:

  • Employment down 0.1 per cent on the quarter (at 72.4 per cent).
  • Number in full time employment fell but the number in part time employment increased to a record high of 7.71 million.  Not particularly great news for those wanting full time work.
  • Unemployment fell by 7,000 which was too low to change the percentage (7.8 per cent) but good news.  It's the first fall in 18 months.
  • The claimant count in December 2009 fell by 15,200 to reach 1.61 million - the largest monthly fall for nearly three years and the second consecutive monthly fall.
  • The number of vacancies was 448,000, up 16,000 on the previous quarter.

Find all the latest information at www.statistics.gov.uk.


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