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UKCES - Simplifying Employment and Skills

UK Commission for Employment and Skills have launched a consultation exercise to gather views from anyone interested in employment and skills about how  the funding, measurement of outcomes and underpinning structures for publicly-funded employment and skills services need to change.

UKCES have highlighted the patchwork of employment and skills services that needs to be simplified to produce an integrated employer responsive system.  There has already, and continues to be, huge investment to helping employers access skills development services more easily, but the government has now asked UKCES to come up with recommendations for delivering higher performance for lower cost.  We therefore aren’t really sure how much this has to do with simplifying the system and how much the focus is on saving money.  Sometimes the two don't go hand in hand!

The specific questions they want your thoughts on are:


  • the most appropriate targets, measures and incentives to ensure that publicly funded employment and skills services deliver sustainable outcomes in jobs, skills and productivity.
  • how public funding streams can be simplified to lever substantially greater investment in workforce development from employers and individuals and to reduce administrative costs within the system.
  • the measures most likely to simplify complexity of organisations, processes and initiatives to maximise the value of public investment in frontline delivery.

UKCES are hosting an online seminar this Thursday (23 July, 2:30 to 4:00 pm), with Sir Michael Bichard, (Director, Institute for Government); Martin Dunford (Chairman, Association of Learning Providers); Prof John Philpott (Chief Economist, CIPD); and more. 

Visit the dedicated UKCES website for more information on the seminar and how you can contribute to the consultation.


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