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Transformation Fund

Earlier this week BIS announced that over 213 projects had been awarded funding under the £20 million Transformation Fund.  We didn't bring you the news straight away as we wanted to share with you details of the winners.  However, there still appears to be no central list of all of the projects that have won!  A bit more information has been released but still no sign of the projects list.

There were 1,400 applications for the fund and the allocation results are as follows:


  • The West Midlands was awarded £1,094,675
  • The East of England was awarded £1,469,772
  • The Yorkshire & Humberside was awarded £1,477,285.
  • The East Midlands was awarded £1,257,970
  • London was awarded £2.6 million
  • The North West was awarded £1,387,739
  • The North East was awarded £2,150,378
  • The South East was awarded £1,596,913
  • The South West was awarded £1,465,00


Details of a handful of projects have been provided on the Transformation Fund website, and we're sure more will information will be available in the fullness of time, so keep an eye on the TF website to see details of projects in your area. 


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