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Third Sector & the Work Programme

The Third Sector Research Centre is conducting research to explore the third sector’s experience of the Work Programme, and to investigate what, if anything, is distinctive about the approaches to delivery that subcontractors adopt.  

This is possibly one of the first evidence based papers that backs up the anecdotal evidence and mumblings that have been plaguing the sector for the best part of a year.  The report highlights fears that the third sector is being squeezed out of employment services provision, reports of unfair relationships between third sector subcontractors and prime providers, and concerns that the hardest to help individuals are not sufficiently provided for by current policy.

The review questions whether the programme’s framework will allow third sector organisations to fulfil their potential and also highlights the need to understand what third sector involvement there actually is and what value they provide.   

The working paper ‘The third sector delivering employment services: an evidence review’ by Christopher Damm, can be downloaded from the TSRC website.  This paper is part of a wider research project into the Role of the Third Sector in Commissioned Employment Services ole of Third Sector in Commissioned Employment Services’ which can also be downloaded from the site. 

27 January 2012

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