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The Work Programme - How is it for you?

The Work and Pensions Committee is launching an inquiry into how well the Work Programme is working for different user groups. The deadline for written responses from any interested party, including participants, is 7 December 2012.

Submissions of no more than 3,000 words are invited on any of the following issues:

  • The differential payments model including: the extent to which it is incentivising providers to help all participants and thereby addressing “creaming and parking”; how effectively the model reflects claimants’ relative needs; and variations in job outcomes between the different payment groups;
  • The prime provider model including: its impact on subcontractors; and the extent to which it helps ensure that participants receive services tailored to their particular needs;
  • The level of service provided to participants in different payment groups including: whether minimum service delivery standards have been specified in sufficient detail by providers and DWP; and the rigour and effectiveness of DWP’s monitoring and complaints procedures;
  • The “black box” approach to service delivery including: whether it is proving to be effective in fostering innovative and personalised interventions for claimants in all payment groups; and DWP’s role in monitoring this.

The Committee is also seeking submissions on the job outcome statistics which have yet to be published.  DWP statistics on job outcomes for the Work Programme will not be published until 27 November, but the Committee is also looking at the regional variations in job outcome statistics: including whether competition between providers is driving up performance in contract package areas where the economy is particularly depressed; and how provider performance could be improved in these areas.

With those questions this could be one of the most interesting inquiries to date.  

30 October 2012

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