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The Death of a Quango

The full list of Non Departmental Public Bodies (NDPB) or quangos was issued on Thursday with the government's proposals for change.  Those that may be of interest to people working in the welfare to work and adult skills industry are:


  • Ofqual - but also introducing legislation to strengthen governance arrangements
  • Ofsted - but reform inspection functions to increase proportionality and reduce burdens
  • Equality and Human Rights Commission - substantially reform with better focus on core regulatory functions and improved use of taxpayers' money

Under Consideration

  • Young People’s Learning Agency - subject to education structural reforms
  • Independent Safeguarding Authority - subject to review of the Vetting and Barring Scheme announced by the Home Secretary that will be launched in due course
  • Remploy Ltd - as an NDPB receiving £111m a year over a five-year period, it will be interesting to see how this progresses.  As one of the biggest providers of support to disabled people it is difficult to see that this organisations will be allowed to disappear, but privatisation is obviously a possibility.
  • Construction Industry Training Board - complete consideration by November 2010 of transferring body and functions to private sector status
  • Engineering Construction Industry Training Board - as CITB
  • UK Commission for Employment and Skills - complete review by end of year of core functions and the most appropriate organisational model to deliver a simplified skills landscape across the UK
  • Sustainable Development Commission - future currently being considered in light of Defra's decision to withdraw funding at end of 2010/11


  • QCDA - and transfer some functions (including key activities such as National Curriculum Tests) to the Department for Education
  • Regional Development Agencies - and transfer retained functions to central or local government and others
  • Commission for Rural Communities - reinforce Government's capacity to reflect rural interests in policies and programmes

For the full list of proposed changes click here

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