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Teachers TV

Having stumbled across some Ofsted related videos on Teachers TV this week, we have had a closer look at this resource and thought it was worth highlighting to those of you who haven’t yet found it. 

Teachers TV provides resources grouped into KS1 to 4 levels and the different stages of education.  There are however some brilliant resources that can be used within employability programmes, Skills for Life and other provisions to support the citizenship  curriculum, promote equality of opportunity, provoke ideas and develop communication skills .... the uses are endless. 

There is also new focus within Ofsted around citizenship and sustainability which providers need to start looking at. This resource could offer a few ideas about how the adult skills sector can develop this aspect of provision.

To give you an idea of the types of videos that are available:

  • Mission Employable - a series of six videos following six long-term unemployed people who have the help of two expert mentors to overcome obstacles and challenges they face in their search for work. The 30 minute videos follow them as they prepare for work, take part in team building, learn new skills from work experience, secure job interviews and reflect on their job-hunting journey.
  • Walk In Our Shoes - a discussion about disabled rights
  • Mardi Gras: Made in China - following the 'bead-trail' from Chinese factories to Mardi Gras
  • Crip on a Trip - a wheelchair-bound teenager travels Europe with his friends
  • Racism and the Beautiful Game - a history of racism in football and modern efforts to combat it
  • The Big Debate Britishness - a debate about what being British really means
It will take some effort for tutors to build a lesson around some of the videos, although there are additional documents with some of the video resources. 
As everyone strives to make delivery more interesting, engaging and encompass new technologies, this seems to be a resource that may have been overlooked within the employability and skills sector.   Please note that the use of the resource is governed by the Creative Archive Licence.  Visit the BBC website full full details of the terms of use, and if in doubt contact Teachers TV.
Many videos are available to support skills development of staff and could be used to support regular short focused sessions on delivery techniques or issues or just for personal development.
Visit Teachers TV to see for yourself.  Teachers TV is also available on TV as well as the web, so check it out for some inspiration.

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