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talentmapô Launched

Last week saw the launch of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills talentmap™ which is alleged to provide a single view of the entire education, employment and skills landscape in clear, simple language.

Working in partnership with British Chambers of Commerce, Business in the Community, Federation of Small Businesses, Sector Skills Councils, BERR, DCSF, DIUS, DWP, HMRC/Business Link, and others, talentmap™ offers an interactive web tool which lets users search for publicly funded support to meet business's key skills needs, as well as a host of information about business development. It alleges to provide a simple framework to help employers understand the education, employment and skills systems in the UK.

Basically there is a focused search engine which is searching the internet to try and bring together a wide range of information in one place. The observant amongst you may remember that Business Link were recently given the job of pulling together this type of service for employers, so it seems there is now yet another cog in a large wheel trying to simplify things. 

Our regular visitors know that we don’t usually comment on news items, and try to just bring you the facts, but we find this one somewhat perplexing.  Having spent some time searching the site, and having been blinded by the complexity of the simple framework, we are struggling to see how this is a simple, single view of the education, employment and skills system.  If we didn't work in the industry we would struggle to work through the information to find what we were looking for, and it really wouldn't make the muddy water any clearer.  

The site does provide a “my plan” section where users can save their searches, which could be useful (aka IE Favourites folder), and you can order, print (PDF) and share the results with others.  There are also case studies about investing in training.

But it is early days, and talentmap™ are seeking feedback so are keen to develop the site. We just hope that while they are doing this, they don't lose the interest of their key audience. 

Feel free to explore the framework and website for yourself, and let us know if you find anything that others should know about.  Click here to visit the site.

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