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Subject Learning Coach & TLP

How many of you have heard of the Teaching & Learning Programme or Subject Learning Coaches. Having worked with a number of providers who struggle to access appropriate training and delivery resources, we would hazard a guess that the answer is “not enough of you”!

At the ALP conference in Nottingham last week, Nord Anglia Education Ltd hosted a stand promoting the Subject Learning Coach and learning resources available courtesy of the above programme which is funded by the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) and delivered by Nord Anglia. The TLP aims to support providers to improve the quality of teaching and learning by linking organisational strategies for quality improvement, continuing professional development and the Subject Learning Coach model

The Subject Learning Coach is at the heart of the TLP programme, and works with colleagues at subject or team level to help them embed the programme into their delivery, and contribute to Continuous Professional Development.  SLCs participate in free one-day coaching networks led by skilled practitioners and facilitators, as well as discussion forums, resource development and action research projects.  The SLC Community offers a portal for people who are or who have been nominated as Subject Learning Coaches to explore and research new approaches and challenge thinking, and this really does appear to be a valuable medium for communicaton and development. 

Steps are being taken to link the SLC programme to QTLS qualification and for it to become a recognised qualification in its own right. There is also a professional training programme called the Advanced Learning Coach (ALC) which is aimed at people who have already completed their SLC training and wish to train others to become SLCs in their own organisation.

Not only is the Subject Learning Coach worth exploring on its own but the resources and information available on the TLP site are pretty fabulous!  We haven’t actually got the time to go through all of the resources and information - there really is so much available. 

As a quick summary there are lots of interactive resources covering a wide number of vocational subject areas linked to the ten key Diplomas that are currently being rolled out. There is good use of multimedia clips, delivery instructions for tutors to print off and use, handouts and other resources that can be used with delivery sessions. Resources are developed by teachers, trainers and learners, so there is a good chance they will really work! The quality of products that Nord Anglia had on the conference exhibition stand were also great. Really nicely designed, well presented and available to anyone who is going through the SLC programme. 

The subject coaching networks, teaching and learning resources and training programme are all free to LSC-funded organizations who deliver post-16 education and training. So what are you waiting for! Let us know if you find anything particularly special and we’ll highlight in a future news story.

Click here for the SLC site and click here for the TLP site.

Thanks to Jackie Wyke at Nord Anglia for her enthusiasm in telling us all about the resources and sharing her excitement about what is available in the market place.


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