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Stephen Duckworth on PIP

Really great artcile in the Guardian from Stephen Duckworth (ex Serco Welfare Services) who is now head of Capita's Personal Independence Payments. Click here to visit the Guardian website for the full article.  

The article starts in good humour with SD highlighting that all of the assessment centres will be on the ground floor (unlike Atos).  Applicants will be met by "meeters and greeters", to ensure they aren't overly anxious as they wait for their assessment, a large number of whom will themselves be disabled.  In addition about 60% of Capita's appointment will be in the home of claimants.

Capita is commited to employing up to 40% of disabled people in its assessment team. 

Another key ambition is transparency. SD says "I want to have 100% transparency about our performance and complaints. I'd like to publish on a monthly basis all that is said about the service we are offering."

There is still concern about the potential for the reassessment of more than two million benefit recipients and unease about the cost-cutting agenda, with voer 500,000 less people receiving disability benefit in the next five years.  SD stresses in the article that Capita has no DWP mandated target to reduce the number of people found eligible. "There are targets in terms of our quality of service, the timely nature in which we deliver, producing reports that are of a high quality. We are not targeted at all, in any way, in terms of reducing numbers." 

A really positive piece on a controversial subject.  Nice!

6 March 2013


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