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Statistical First Release for Post 16 Education & Skills

Hot off the press (well as hot as 6 month old data can be!), the latest Statistical First Release shows increasing participation in learning and increased achievement across all areas of post 16 learning. This is clear proof of the investment made in Train to Gain and Apprenticeships in the last couple of years, and will no doubt be welcomed by the government in light of the fact that these programmes underpin the future skills agenda.

The Release includes latest performance against DIUS’ Public Service Agreement (PSA) targets on Adult Attainment and Apprenticeships, as well as 2007/08 estimates of LSC participation, achievement and success rates for post-16 education, and estimates of the number of vocational qualifications awarded in the UK in 2008. It covers College-based Learning, Work-based Learning (including Apprenticeships), Train to Gain and Safeguarded Adult Learning.
Our area of interest is the adult training sector which shows that 3,278,400 adults participated in LSC-funded learning in 2007/2008, up 3.2% on the previous year. Participation in Skills for Life was up 1.3%, enrolment onto level 2 qualifications was up 50.5%, and enrolment on level 3 qualifications was up 22.6%.
The number of adult learners achieving a qualification has generally increased except within Skills for Life, which is a wake up call for Skill for Life providers. In 2007/08 2,241,600 adults achieved an LSC-funded qualification – an increase of 1.2% on the previous year. Skills for Life achievement decreased by 3.3%, but level 2 and level 3 achievement increased by 36.5% and 17% respectively.
There has been an increase of 21.9% of people starting Apprenticeships, although only a 0.7% increase in framework achievement. Obviously some of those who started have not yet completed their programme, so it will be interesting to see the achievement increase for the current year.
Train to Gain participation and achievement has continued to increase with Level 3 qualifications seeing a major increase - up 194% for participation and up 443% for achievement. 
There are a whole host of figures that continue this positive theme, so for more facts and figures, download the SFR below and/or visit the Data Service website to get further information on  Vocational Qualifications and Train to Gain success rates.


SFR Post 16 March 09

Click the PDF logo to download the Statistical First Release.

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