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Skills Funding Agency Update

BIS have issued an update about the Skills Funding Agency outlining the customer focused approach that will be delivered through the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS), Employer Skills Services, and Learner Skills Services.  The announcement also talks about reducing bureaucracy - although those of us who've been around for a while have heard that countless times!

A new streamlined payment (settlement) system has already been defined and work is underway to develop the system which will be available from April 2010 but not fully operational until 2013.  The system will include accreditation of colleges and providers; contracting processes; allocation of funding 'envelopes'; contract management; the processes for making payments (settlement); and the performance management providers.

A Provider Reference Group and an Employer Reference Group have already been set up to ensure the views of stakeholder are heard.

Download the full SFA/BIS announcement below or visit the BIS website.



Skills Funding Agency Update

Please click the PDF logo to download the SFA announcement.

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