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Skills Funding Agency Allocation

The LSC has published a Guidance Note that outlines the process for funding allocations for the next academic year 2010/11.  Colleges and providers should have already received their funding statement so there won't be anything new in this for those directly involved but it may be of interest to the wider training and skills sector. The guidance covers:

  • Adult Learner Responsive provision
  • Train to Gain
  • Apprenticeships
  • Programmes for the Unemployed

It gives details of how funding is allocated as well as fee reduction which includes a 10% reduction for 25+ Apprenticeships and 25% reduction in rates paid to large employers for Train to Gain and 19+ Apprenticeships.

Programmes for the Unemployed are apparently a priority with Employability Skills Programme contracts being extended to July, development of the Young Person's Guarantee and Care First Careers which will provide 15,000 pre-employment training places in the social care sector from April 2010.

The Skills Funding Agency have also published their operational guidance to support management of provision in the current year.  The guidance covers relationship, provider and contract management from post-award, monitoring, performance management of funding agreements and contracts for education and training.  Although this is for shadow SFA staff it is felt that the guidance may of interest/use to those who actually hold the contracts, hence it's been made available to everyone.  



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