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Real Help Resource

Further to our news item a few days ago, we thought it was worth adding a footnote about the Real Help Now initiative.  The booklet is a really handy resource for staff working in the welfare to work sector to advise clients about a variety of issues. The support is fairly generic but may contain information that staff are not aware of and gives websites and contact  numbers so that the general public can access support on: 

  • avoiding repossession
  • help with housing costs
  • advice on skills and training
  • financial support for training
  • help with money problems

Anything that makes access to information easier, is a winner with us! 

If you have some good sources of information and support that you'd like to share with colleagues in the sector, please let us know and we can add details to our Support Directory. 


Real Help Now

Please click on the PDF logo on the right to download a full copy of HM Government booklet.

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