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Re-Skilling for Recovery

A House of Commons report was produced by the Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Committee in December to look at the implementation of skills and training policies.  The IUSSC is appointed by the House of Commons to examine the expenditure, administration and policy of the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills.

The IUSSC questioned the “fundamental philosophy of Lord Leitch’s prescriptions” and looked at the need to re-skill the population rather than up-skill, the complexity of the skills system, and the replacement of the LSC with the Skills Funding Agency (SFA). They are suggesting radical reform for Train to Gain and highlight the importance of quality within the new Adult Advancement and Careers Service.

All in all it's a fairly thorough report on the overall skills agenda. You can find the report attached to this article. For those of you who don’t want to read the whole thing (and let’s face it, who has time!), page 81 to 89 contains the Conclusion and Recommendations. The Committee recommends (among other things):

  • Government moves quickly to resolve the issues around the role, organisation and relationships of the new SFA.
  • Government commissions an analysis of what is happening region by region and report on best practice and areas of weakness.
  • Employment and Skills Boards be licensed by UKCES.
  • UKCES issues new guidance on setting up and maintaining effective local partnerships to deliver and plan skills.
  • UKCES adopt a role of disseminator of best practice and act as a source of expert advice on the differences between skills policies and delivery mechanisms.
  • Government review funding for adult apprenticeships and report on measures to encourage and strengthen them.
  • FE colleges should be accorded sufficient ability and autonomy within Train to Gain to devise the courses needed in their areas and should be encouraged to develop a truly responsive employer engagement process.
Just a taste of what they had to say. In addition:
Page 90 - has a really useful summary of the Government policy papers on skills which were published between July 2007 and September 2008. Check it out to see if you’ve missed anything.
Page 92 to 97 - has some quite amusing function maps to represent the relationships of key organisations with a role in delivering the skills agenda. It just goes to show how complicated the whole system is!
Page 99 to 116 - breaks down the roles and remits of partnerships and organisations including all of their websites, which some people may find useful.
Hope you find the report interesting. No doubt we’ll see in the coming months where it leads.


Reskilling for Recovery - House of Commons Report

Please click the logo to download the report, or click here to visit UKCES website.

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