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QCF Support

The roll out of the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) is gathering pace.  The retail sector is one of the early participants, with Retail NVQs being replaced from 1 September 2009 by new QCF qualifications.  To support this development, LSIS have just launched a website within the Excellence Gateway to provide key information to help organisations prepare for the QCF.  The site will become the place to go to keep up to date with developments.  You’ll be able to participate in forums, register for events and access documents and resources.  Click here to visit the site, and also see the factsheet below re the QCF Readiness Provider Support Programme. 

The new QCF system is something that DWP providers have really needed since the inception of New Deal and this really could be a good development for the welfare to work sector. 

For those of you who have missed this, the aim of QCF is to recognise skills by awarding credits for units of qualifications as well as full qualifications.  Basically every unit and qualification in the framework is assigned a credit (1 = 10 hours) which is then linked to the size of the qualification.

Awards  - up to 12 credits (120 hours of learning)
Certificates - 13 to 36 credits (up to 360 hours of learning)
Diplomas - 37 + credits (370 hours or more of learning)

The qualifications are also assigned a level, from Entry Level to Level 8.  A current comparison would be Level 2 = GCSEs (grade A*- C), Level 3 - GCE A levels, Level 8 = PhD.

This new framework will give learners much more flexibility and access to accreditation, allowing them to build up credits at their own pace as well as transfer credits between qualifications to avoid repeating their learning.  It will also help providers to design programmes that better meet individual needs and recognise achievement. 

So log onto the QCF Provider Support site for updates.  Also visit the QCA website (click here) for more detailed information about the qualification framework.

QCF Leaflet

Click the PDF logo to download details of the LSIS QCF Readiness Provider Support Programme.

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