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PRaP Update

Now that phase 1 of fND is underway there are lots of questions being bounced around about PRaP.  DWP did a presentation at the CESI conference last week, and 50% of the Implementation Q&A that is now on the DWP website is dedicated to PRaP. Prime contractors should have also received the specifications for the system so that they can get their own system ready to accept a data transfer of referral information.

DWP are confident that PRaP will be ready ALMOST in time (19 October), and that aside from the odd glitch which they won't know about until go live, they are confident that the system will work.  Also they do have disaster recovery arrangements in place!

An interesting question asked at the CESI conference related to client signatures.  At the moment the signature on the SL2 is matched to the signature of the client when they start the programme, mainly to confirm they are the same person. When PRaP is introduced, providers will no longer receive anything with a signature on from JCP, and confirmation of identity will be the sole responsibility of the provider. 

We will try to keep on top of PRaP developments and keep you posted about interesting developments, and if anyone has any insider information they’d like to share, please get in touch.


PRaP Presentation

Click the logo to download the presentation given by DWP at the CESI conference on 17 June 09.

fND Implementation QA 18 June 09

Click the PDF logo to download the Q&A paper updated on 18 June 09.

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