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Post Work Programme Support

Today's announcement by DWP gives us more insight into their post Work Programme offering to jobseekers.  An initial plan of having a follow up programme (as per the Community Action Programme pilots) seems to have been shelved in favour of more stringent activity from JCP. This is no surprise when you consider the research findings from the trailblazer, when the CAP was basically no more successful in achieving job outcomes than JCP support.

DWP now aim to base specialist advisers in individual Jobcentres dedicated to working with people not in sustained work after 2 years on the Work Programme for a period of 6 months.  They will agree a back to work plan which will be rigorously monitored - every Work Programme returner will be required to register with Universal Jobmatch to allow their adviser to check their work search activity online 

Claimants will be expected to be on a training scheme, Mandatory Work Activity placement or intensive work preparation within days of finishing on the Work Programme or face sanctions.  Claimants will have to attend the Jobcentre more frequently than other jobseekers, with weekly attendance being routine and some people being required to meet their adviser every day.

It is unclear at this stage whether any further provision will be tendered for or whether DWP will utlisie existing provision.  

Click here for the full press release.

3 June 2013


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