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Pathways to Work Reports

 DWP have published two reports into Pathways to Work: one as the influence of outcome based contracting on Provider-Led Pathways to Work and the other on the experience of customers in the JCP expansion areas.

The outcome report highlights the underperformance of providers and the impact this has on the finances of both prime contracts and sub contractors.  DWP do appear to be blaming providers for unrealistic profiles in their bids, but anyone involved in DWP provision knows how bad the profiles issued by DWP often are, so this seems a bit unfair.  The management of providers by DWP has apparently helped to drive up performance, which seems like a bit of a contradiction, but read the report for the background on this.

There are also instances of providers prioritising the customers who are more likely to achieve outcomes.  No surprise there then - when your finances are totally governed by people gaining and sustaining employment then common sense tells you that this will happen.  

The customer experience report is the latest in a line of reports on the same subject comparing pilot areas to JCP expansion areas.  The findings suggest that there are similar experiences for customers in each area, although those in expansion areas were less likely to be in work 13 months after participating.




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