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Patchwork and FutureGov Update

News item submitted by Lucy Watt of FutureGov.

My colleagues are running a project called Patchwork which is a Safeguarding App. You've probably heard of IT applications that enable multi agency workingbut many of them are data and bureaucracy heavy and not very easy to use. My colleagues have called Patchwork something that is "delightful" to use.  It is co-designed with users and it could have uses in multi agency working environments beyond safeguarding, for example with people who are out of work.

We have just received £280,000 start up investment in the product from some local councils, including Staffordshire. If you are interested in knowing more about this or have ideas about how it could be further developed please let us know.  

You might also be interested in the work that we are doing with Surrey County Council to help bring co-design and the use of social and digital technology into their work. Read about this at wearefuturegov.com.  Simpl - our Social Innovation Market Place - is a site where councils and other organisations can trade in kind resources with social innovators and also place challenges for innovators to deliver on.

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