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Online Basics

Business Secretary Lord Mandleson announced yesterday the piloting of new IT courses to help adults gain the skills and confidence to go online.

Online basics is available by logging on to www.onlinebasics.co.uk.  The free course consists of 5 modules:

  • Staring with a keyboard - functions of different keys and practising typing
  • Starting with a mouse
  • Using email - sending, receiving, address books, storing emails
  • Using the internet safely
  • Using online searches - find websites, use bookmarks

Users can do the courses at their own pace either at home, at a local UK online centre or other location where they can access the internet, including with training providers!  The courses are actually delivered through www.myguide.gov.uk which provides access to a further 25 short courses including Skills for Life, online jobsearch, online banking and a host of other life skills related to using the internet.

UK Online centres in Barnsley, Oldham, Gloucester, Devon and London will be piloting the course with the support element but anyone can access the courses on line.

so if you know anyone who can benefit from a bit of confidence building with IT either in your personal life or your clients, then get them to register for Online basics and join the digital revolution.


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