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Ofsted Train to Gain Update

Ofsted have released an update on their 2007/08 survey on Train to Gain. The review of a further 40 providers aimed to look at whether strengths in Train to Gain had been sustained and areas for improvement still needed. You can find the report on the Ofsted website but key points are:


  • Train to Gain meets the needs and interests of employers with high levels of satisfaction.
  • Providers adopt flexible and responsive arrangements for training and assessment.
  • Employees’ knowledge and understanding, motivation and self-esteem continue to improve.
  • Employees are now developing more technical and practical skills.
  • Employers are more involved in the training of their employees.

  • Skills for Life training is insufficient, although the levels of discrete provision had increased. 
  • Most providers had insufficient staff trained in developing Skills for Life.
  • Completion of qualifications is not timely.
  • There is insufficient opportunity to progress to higher-level training for people who are not in supervisory positions.
  • There remains poor recruitment via the skills brokerage service.
  • Only 50% of providers surveyed actually used overall and timely success rate data routinely to monitor progress.
  • Low timely success rates (often due to poor ILPs, reviews and target setting).

Ofsted recommends that BIS focus on (among other things) improving the uptake and quality of Skills for Life training, develop progression opportunities, review the role of the skills brokerage service.  Providers need to improve ILPs, reviews and target-setting (yes, that old chestnut!).


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